An Irresistible Shopify Store for Berry Enthusiasts


Project Goal

Mt. Wilder Berries, an Australian-based brand specializing in premium berries, approached us to establish an engaging and functional Shopify Store for online presence. The Mt. Wilder Berries website aims to showcase and promote their high-quality berry products. As a business specializing in berries, they want an online platform that reflects their brand identity, highlights their product range, and provides a seamless shopping experience for customers.

Recognizing the significance of an optimized and visually engaging online presence, Mt. Wilder Berries sought our expertise to overcome these hurdles. Therefore our mission was to not only design a visually stunning platform but also to address the underlying performance concerns. The goal was to transform the digital space for Mt. Wilder Berries into an inviting haven that not only displayed its exquisite offerings but also provided a seamless and delightful shopping experience for its customers.

Tech Stack

Figma: For store’s UI/UX Design

CMS: Shopify


  • Yotpo Review App
  • Yotpo Subscription
  • Stockist Store Locator
  • Klaviyo (Email Marketing and SMS)
  • Geolocation

Others: JQuery, AOS Library, Slick Slider Library


In tackling Mt. Wilder Berries’ challenges, we embarked on a comprehensive solution journey. Our focus was not just on making the shopify store for them that is visually appealing but also on ensuring it ran smoothly and kept visitors engaged. We began by creating mockup designs from scratch, ensuring a fresh and visually appealing layout for the entire website. The existing theme was duplicated and transformed into a Shopify theme, aligning with the new design. Through a combination of creative design and tech-savvy solutions, we successfully revamped the entire digital landscape for Mt. Wilder Berries.

Shopify Store

Key Solution Points

Featured Collection Enhancement

To make Mt. Wilder Berries’ products stand out, we introduced animated background images to enhance the visual appeal of the featured collection. This not only added a touch of dynamism to the website but also made the products more captivating for potential customers.

Animated Product Showcases

Leveraging the AOS library, we implemented animated and moving images, accompanied by compelling text, to showcase the best-selling product and its unique benefits. This interactive feature aimed to draw customers’ attention to the highlighted product, creating a more engaging browsing experience.

Shopify Store

Optimized Social Media Feeds

Recognizing that slow third-party apps were affecting the website’s speed, we replaced the problematic Instagram feed app with a custom Instafeed option. This not only resolved the performance issues but also ensured a seamless integration of social media feeds, maintaining the website’s overall speed and responsiveness.

Mega Menu Implementation

We introduced a mega menu, a visually appealing dropdown menu featuring products for improved navigation. This implementation facilitated a more organized and user-friendly browsing experience, allowing customers to quickly find the products they were looking for.

Shopify Store

Subscription Integration

We seamlessly integrated Yotpo’s Subscription App to address the need for a subscription service. Beyond functionality, we took extra care to design the subscription feature to align with the overall theme of the website, ensuring a cohesive and attractive user experience for customers interested in subscribing.

Custom Collapsible FAQ Tabs

Understanding the importance of easy access to information, we created custom collapsible tabs for the FAQ section. This not only improved the organization of information but also enhanced user experience by allowing customers to quickly find answers to common queries.

Shopify Store

Recipe Page Creation

To enrich the website with additional content, we designed a visually appealing Recipe page. This not only provided customers with interesting and relevant content but also added a creative dimension to the overall user experience.

Customer Reviews Integration

Recognizing the value of customer feedback, we integrated the Yotpo review app. This feature allowed customers to share their opinions and experiences with Mt. Wilder Berries’ products, fostering a sense of community and trust among potential buyers.

Store Locator App

Understanding the importance of physical store locations, we implemented the Stockist Store locator app. This feature enabled customers to easily find nearby stores, enhancing convenience and accessibility for those who prefer in-person shopping.

Email Marketing Enhancement

Leveraging the Klaviyo: Email marketing and SMS App, we established an effective email marketing strategy. This included crafting visually appealing and engaging emails to keep customers informed about promotions, new products, and exciting updates, contributing to increased customer engagement and retention.

Final Words

The collaboration with Mt. Wilder Berries resulted in a visually stunning and high-performing Shopify Store that aligns seamlessly with the brand’s identity. The incorporation of various apps and custom functionalities not only enhanced user experience but also improved the website’s overall speed and efficiency.

Through meticulous planning and execution, we succeeded in crafting a website that not only met but exceeded the expectations of Mt. Wilder Berries. Combining dynamic features, from animated product showcases to a seamlessly integrated subscription service, reflects our commitment to delivering solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Client’s Feedback

Working with the team was a pleasure. They understood our requirements and delivered a website that exceeded our expectations. The customizations and integrations have significantly improved our user experience. We look forward to continued collaboration!

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