Freightcom Shipping Rates Plugin for Woocommerce


In the dynamic world of e-commerce, shipping plays a pivotal role in ensuring customer satisfaction and business growth. Our client, a prominent e-commerce business, was facing a significant challenge. They were struggling with managing their shipping operations efficiently.

The existing system was not streamlined and lacked the necessary features to provide real-time shipping rates to their customers. This issue was causing a delay in processing orders and negatively impacted the customer experience. This is where our journey began.

We embarked on a mission to develop a plugin named Freightcom Shipping Rates Plugin for Woocommerce. This plugin was designed to integrate with a WordPress/Woocommerce backend and a Woocommerce frontend, utilizing a MySQL database.

Tech Stack

Backend: WordPress/WooCommerce
Frontend: WooCommerce
Database: MySQL
Extensions: Freightcom Shipping Rates Plugin for WooCommerce
Others: Freightcom Shipping API


We created the Freightcom Shipping Rates Plugin for Woocommerce to address the client’s issues. This plugin enabled the client to integrate Freightcom’s shipping services directly into their WooCommerce store. Designed to seamlessly integrate Freightcom’s shipping solutions, this powerful tool tackles client concerns head-on, offering a direct line to efficient logistics. Here’s how we tackled the challenges:

Shipping Rates Plugin

Seamless Integration: We ensured our plugin seamlessly integrated Freightcom’s shipping services into the client’s WooCommerce platform. This integration was not just about functionality; it was about creating a smooth sailing experience for both the client and their customers.

Custom Shipping Calculations: With our plugin, the client could wave goodbye to inaccurate shipping estimates. We tailored the shipping calculations to account for various factors such as package dimensions, weight, destination, and shipping preferences. Every customer received a personalized quote, ensuring smooth sailing from cart to checkout.

Real-time Shipping Rates: Thanks to the magic of Freightcom’s Shipping API, our plugin provided real-time shipping rate calculations. No more guessing games or outdated quotes; customers could now see the most accurate shipping rates for their orders, boosting transparency and trust.

User-friendly Interface: We didn’t just build a plugin; we built a captain’s deck for the client to navigate their shipping operations. Our user-friendly interface made it a breeze for the client to manage shipping settings and preferences directly from their WooCommerce dashboard. They could adjust their sails and set their course for success with just a few clicks.

Final Words

The development of the Freightcom Shipping Rates Plugin for Woocommerce was a challenging yet rewarding experience. It allowed us to utilize our expertise in WordPress/Woocommerce development and solve a real-world problem faced by our client. The successful implementation of the plugin has streamlined the client’s shipping operations and significantly improved their customer experience.

Client’s Feedback

Our experience working with the Webzia Infotech team to develop the Freightcom Shipping Rates Plugin for Woocommerce has been exceptional. The plugin has revolutionized how we manage shipping on our WooCommerce store. We now have accurate shipping rates, real-time calculations, and seamless integration with Freightcom’s services. This has significantly improved our efficiency and customer satisfaction. Thank you for delivering such a fantastic solution!

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